An athletic and dynamic form of yoga, Ashtanga follows a set sequence of postures that combine breathing and movement to focus and steady the mind. Often physically challenging, Ashtanga promotes deep and even breathing and helps to build strength and endurance.

Gentle Hatha


A slow-paced and gentle style of yoga that is accessible for all. Great for beginners and for those less mobile. Classes are moderately paced and include a variety of postures including standing, seated and restorative poses. 



Focusses on linking movement with breath to create a fluid, continuous flow. Flow classes can vary in intensity from slow to dynamic. Chloé teaches a mindful flow emphasising body awareness, sensory feedback and postural alignment. 



Passive and supported postures designed to nourish and restore body and mind. Usually involving props such as bolsters and blankets, restorative yoga is a gentle practise that helps to calm the nervous system and foster balance. 



A slow paced more meditative style of yoga where poses are held for around 3-5 minutes in order to target the deeper layers of the body including tendons, ligaments and joints. An insightful and calming practise for mind, body and emotions. 



Focussing the mind on one point to develop inner steadiness, calm and present moment awareness. Meditation can be a powerful tool to reduce stress in the body and mind. Chloé is particularly influenced by Buddhist mindfulness and Vipassana meditation.